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Journeys To Success: 12 Real-Life Women Share Their Inspiring Stories

More women need to hear the success stories of other women. Often times we feel alone in our struggles and setbacks and wonder how other women have done it. What is her secret to success; managing work, home, and personal life? 

Even with this book project some women were hesitant to share their story or just even parts of their story. Why you might wonder…their reasons included; ‘I don’t want to offend another person involved in my story’, ‘nobody would want to hear my ordinary story’, ‘I’ve been writing my story for years now but waiting for the perfect time’ or ‘I have too much going on, I don’t have time….’ and more reasons we can list which are respectfully understandable. 

But for those women who had the courage to share their stories even the intimate personal details in here and committed to collaborating, their stories after were more powerful. It was as if the actual writing process gave them their own power back and provided healing, insight and a greater perspective on how far they have actually achieved. If you are looking not only for inspiration of authentic and real stories from struggle to success but also implementation, these stories are for you. 

It is interesting to see the diverse stories from various backgrounds and each woman has their own personal favorite success principle(s) from Napoleon Hill.


Nobody Bats a Thousand

I really wanted to like this book- and for like the first half or so of the stories, I did. But the endings, while twisty, were watered down by the fact that the stories felt too drawn out to be appreciated. Maybe that's just me- buy it and keep it for those days when you don't want to start another book.

Revised for Kindle, Nobody Bats a Thousand is a book of stories based on reality. The opening story, “A Bar Story”, showing a typical Friday night seen through the eyes of a middle-aged bartender, deals with conflicts that arise from changing times and generations. In “Home on the Range” a college student becomes reacquainted with his uncle, a famous touring musician, who teaches his nephew to look at life from a novel perspective. “Victims of Circumstance” centers on a young slacker and the 24 hours surrounding his 21st birthday in which he stumbles upon epiphanies about life, sex and his Vietnam veteran father. This book of literary fiction contains eight finely crafted stories about ordinary people involved in unique situations, presented in a style reminiscent of Raymond Carver, Richard Ford and David Sedaris.

On the Beach by Steve Schmale

Overall it was a good read on an interesting scenario and great characters and it was a page turner just as I was hoping for. I'm glad I read it.

Twenty-something Lenny Decker is a man of few plans, and he seems to like it that way. Bumming around a sleepy California beach town, Lenny appears to live a life of Zen-like slacker simplicity. His days and nights are a seemingly endless loop of visits to the local bar and pick-up basketball games, punctuated by long stretches in his apartment with only a twelve pack, a bong, and a TV of questionable quality for company.

But Lenny has a thing or two to deal with: a near brush with success in his past has left him running for the comfort of a life where the stakes aren't just low, they're non-existent. Then there's the woman who sees past Lenny's stoned exterior and is challenging him in ways he hasn't been tested in years.